Ive been quite curious lately. How much oil do foundations really have in them? We’re forever told that a certain foundation is perfect for you, regardless of your skin type and regardless of the company! Each company strives to make the ultimate foundation!

Well, my skin is combo-oily so oily foundation is a Nono for me! It makes my skin flare up and become spotty and just horrid! So I devised a simple test to find out which foundations That I own are oily and which foundations are not.

Here are my results…..


Estée Lauder Double Wear

Now double wear is by far my favourite foundation! The coverage is immense and it feels amazing on my skin so I was quite happy to discover that it does not have much oil at all!

There was a very small amount of grease transfer but hey! I can live with that! It’s still a definite win for me!

Loreal Infallible

Aside from double wear, Loreal infallible is my second best foundation. This is usually my day to day foundation because it’s light but still gives a decent coverage!

This had a little more oil transfer than the Double Wear but still a pretty good result! It makes sense now as I find I do have to set the infallible with a translucent powder!

It’s still nice for me and the small oil transfer is bareable! Just remember to have a powder at the ready!

Mac Pro Longwear

Now I know a lot of people adore MAC foundations! I’ve only tried it once and for me it didn’t really do much but I decided to test it anyway!

As you can see, this also had bare minimal oil transfer! I was actually surprised at this, I assumed it didn’t give me a good coverage because of the oil but clearly I can’t use that as an excuse now lol!

The oil transfer in the Pro Longwear is very similar to Double Wear so once again a great result! I may even have to give it another go lol!

Actiderm HD Foundation

I still had samples of the Actiderm HD foundation so I decided I’d test this also! Once again I was surprised by this result!

When applying the HD foundation it did feel slightly greasy so I was amazed to see that there really was not much oil transfer with it! Naughty me assumed there would be more transfer 🙈

Theres slightly more transfer than the Pro Longwear and Double Wear but a good result none the less.

Actiderm 3D corrector cream

Now this is the result I was expecting from the previous HD foundation! Quite a lot of oil transfer can be seen which kinda makes me sad! If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll see that I was actually quite impressed with the 3D corrector. Well after a few uses, I noticed that my skin was starting to breakout and became greasier than normal in my T zone area. Now I know why!

That is quite a bit of oil transfer so for those of you with combo/oily skin, I wouldn’t recommend this one for you.

Younique mineral touch foundation.

Now last up and the most shocking is the Younique mineral touch foundation! As I’ve mentioned before, it does feel quite greasy when applying but I did not expect THIS much transfer!

If there’s this much oil in just a small sample, imagine how oily this is on your face!

Now this could be the perfect foundation for someone with dry skin, it could be really nice indeed! But for those with oily skin or even combo skin, I really would avoid this foundation.

Let me just put a side note in here, I know a lot of the Younique reps claim that it dries as a powder and that it’s good for all types of skin. Just look at that oil transfer and decide for yourself !

Hope you enjoyed my little test and weren’t too shocked by some of the results!



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